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Interactive Video

Video is da fizzle bomb!! Everybody’s loving it. Everybody’s watching it. But companies are slow to pick up on it. Take a look at these interactive video examples for a little inspiration for using video in your business. Ssense: Retailing with Video Canada’s biggest online fashion retailer, SSENSE, created the...


19 Tips for Video Marketing in 2016

By 2019 it’s estimated that about 80% of web traffic will be video content. It’s important for any business to make the shift now to producing quality video.  Here are 17  tips to help you optimize your video content, distribution, and promotion strategy. Go responsive. Half of all YouTube traffic happens...


Posting Quotes and Text in a Unique Way

One of my favorite bloggers is Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist. It’s one of the few blogs I read regularly. He does a black out poems where he blacks out words of a newspaper article to reveal a message. Like this: What’s interesting about the way he...


Free Facebook Ads Course

“How do I get new customers?” That’s the number one question on the mind of pretty much every business owner. There are dozens and dozens of ways to get new customers. The problem is choosing the most effective strategies, that is, the strategies that get new customers through your door without costing you a...


Before and After: Educated Heart Website Makeover

Your website represents you and your practice. If your website looks bad, you will be judged accordingly. Visitors will think that your service is  cheap, outdated, disorganized or unprofessional. I know that seems so superficial, but that’s the way it works.  Massage is intangible after all. So people can only judge you...


Exposure vs. Engagement: Flipping the Sales Funnel

Traditionally, funnel marketing has ruled. The idea is that you exposure lots of people to your product or brand (usually through advertising). Some of those people will be interested, some of those interested people will become prospects and some of those prospects will eventually buy. But Upside Brown thinking says...